Process Drawing: Witch King

Dear followers,

Today I am very excited because I will start a new way of publishing on my my blog. I will translate my work shown on Instagram to my blog too. The purpose is to unify both accounts and have stuff bot share and make sense instead of publishing one thing here and another thing over there. So as of today, everything that is published on IG will be automatically published here.

If you want to also follow me on IG search for @aguirrefirth.

For a while now I have been drawing all of my favourite movie and comic book characters and it’s been a blast! To start right away with the first post I would like to share the process I had with my Witch King Drawing from Lord of the Rings. For me this character has one of the best designs ever. Check the pictures below and enjoy!

Remember you can get prints of the finished drawing on my ETSY shop at:


WITCH KING process:



Instagram: @aguirrefirth


Contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you for visiting AguirreFirth!

– Anson

Process Drawing: Witch King

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